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Medical Weight Loss


Medical Weight Loss


What Is Medical Weight Loss?



Medical weight loss is full spectrum weight loss program that is overseen by a doctor. Many factors contribute to being unsuccessful such as hormone imbalance, thyroid disorder and poor food choices.  In the beginning, you'll meet with the doctor and go over your blood test results to insure there isn't a medical reason hindering your weight loss efforts.  We teach you how to make a lifestyle change for long-term health and wellness.  The hardest part of losing weight is making the commitment to start.  Once you have made this decision we provide all the tools necessary for you to meet your goals. 

Initial Consultation

During your consultation Dr. Eldore and our wellness coach, Kacey Watson you will review your key health metrics in order to determine the right diet program for you.

Health Metrics-

  • Medical/Diet History
  • History & Physical Exam including vital signs and EKG
  • Complete Blood Evaluation including Thyroid testing
  • Pharmaceutical grade fat-burning supplements

At Each Follow Up Visit Our Staff Will Provide:

  • Weigh in and Thin Lipo Injection
  • Review of Your Food Intake
  • Make any needed modifications to your diet
  • Provide advice, support and inspiration toward meeting your goals
  • Menu plans and great recipes 

What Makes Our Program Different?

  • Makes medical weight loss easy
  • Offers weight loss, inch loss and improved health
  • Personalized weight loss programs for your lifestyle
  • One on one support every step of the way
  • Safe and effective results
  • Continued support for maintaining weight loss 

Weight Loss Products:

At Ageless Image we are committed to providing you with pharmaceutical grade supplements to enhance your weight loss and overall health.  We offer a wide variety of supplements including Vitamin D, Magnesium, Omega 3, Probiotic Flora Enhancer, Alpha Lipoic Acid, DHEA, MitoFuel, ThinCharge, and many more.  We also offer many high quality meal replacement options for your busy life such as protein bars, protein shakes and cookies.