Ageless 365 Guide to Radiant Skin


Ageless 365 Guide To Radiant Skin

Ageless 365 is an easy to follow program designed to help you correct and repair years of ignored, unkempt and sun damaged skin.  Our advanced skin care products and laser treatments will provide a significant improvement in your skin's appearance and "turn back the clock" on aging skin.  Together with our aestheticians, you will learn how to care for your skin year round and combat the signs of aging with proven and lasting results. 


Daily use of medical grade skin care products can provide nutrition to your skin on a cellular level.  Over the counter products are not strong enough or effective enough to reach your live tissue, they simply sit on the top of your skin only working on your top "dead" layer.  Effective ingredients such as plant stem cells, alpha-hydroxy acids, peptides, and Retinols can prevent and correct age related sun damage.

It's important to realize that you can't just receive one big laser treatment and never take care of your skin afterwards.  Every day you get up (thank goodness) and you are one day older than yesterday.  Your skin will endure environmental assaults from pollution, smoking or second hand smoking, UV exposure and bad lifestyle choices.  All of these things will break down your skin cells and collagen through free radical damage.  That is just the way we age.  So, just as you go to the dentist for a professional cleaning and then come home and brush your teeth daily, you also need to follow up your monthly skin care treatments with daily skin care.  The combination of monthly professional treatments coupled with your daily dose of effective products will maintain youthful, healthy skin. 

Microdermabrasion or Professional resurfacing (mild chemical peel) is an idea monthly treatment that will remove the barrier of dead skin cells that make you look dull and tired. Removing all those slow- shedding skin cells allow the nutritional support of our high quality skin care systems to penetrate more effectively.

Choosing a slightly more aggressive treatment every 3-4 months will help you repair the brown spots and broken capillaries from sun damage. This step up in treatments will provide correction to long accumulated sun damage and help you turn back the clock.   Photo facial or Photo Rejuvenation delivers high intensity controlled pulses of light that is absorbed by blood vessels or pigmentation impairing or removing the vessels and lesions. Your skin will look creamier and even-toned.  Clear and Brilliant laser treatment is a skin resurfacing device that replaces damaged skin with healthy, younger looking tissue.  It is a gentle resurfacing laser that illuminates your skin, refines your pores and delivers a beautiful natural result.  

Over time skin begins to lose volume and structure.  That's when the lines and wrinkles appear.  There are many options available to improve the appearance of your skin, but when it comes to deeper wrinkles, Juvederm XC offers the best and most immediate improvement.  Juvederm XC typically lasts between 9 and 12 months. Botox is injected in very small quantities into the contracted muscles that cause wrinkles and the results are impressive and quite addictive.  The muscles relax and wrinkles improve within 5 to 7 days.  Botox usually lasts 3 to 4 months.  Pixel Skin resurfacing is a little more aggressive in your skin resurfacing category and is performed by our physician.  It is a great treatment for large pores, fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring. 

So, you have given this some thought and have decided to maintain the health of your skin.   Start your year of skin rejuvenation with a series of Clear and Brilliant or Photo facial treatments and then maintain your results with our Ageless 365 Rejuvenation program.  However, if you haven't taken care of your skin in the past, we recommend accelerating your new commitment with one of the treatments below.

Supercharge your collagen and tighten your skin with one of these three non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedures.  

Thermage contours skin with a patented radiofrequency technology that safely heats the deeper layers of your skin, stimulating your existing collagen and promoting new collagen growth.  This is a wonderful device to ward off sagging skin.

Thermage Plus adds the benefits Thermage with our Clear and Brilliant laser for a protocol that delivers beautiful skin tightening results and smoother texture.  Combining treatment modalities in a series maximizes the results and saves you money. 

Laser 360 combines 3 different lasers within a 60 day period.  It involves our most aggressive resurfacing laser, Pixel with Photo Rejuvenation and Skin Tightening.    This process will leave you with a little bit of down time (3-5 days) after each treatment.  If you aren't ready for a facelift yet but want dramatic results, this is the treatment for you.